Design and production of Biomechanics laboratory equipment

Our Services

Computer Programming

We produce and develop technical software used in  simulation and solving problems in the context of biomechanics. 

Mechanical Design

In Some of your study, you needs to an mechanical equipment. we have expertise in design of mechanical equipment and limited resources for production.

Electronic Circuits Design

Our experts provide design and prototype of electronic devices in compliance with your ideas and defined requirements for specific experiments.

Free Access Data Sets

We acknowledge the importance of  raw data in biomechanics for other researchers and developers. We want to establish datacenters in cooperation with you.

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Our Skills


  1. C++ | C# | Python | Java | php | Sql | Matlab
  2. Mobile & Desktop applications
  3. Socket Programming
  4. Graphical Simulation
  5. Image Processing
  6. Machine Learning and Clever Algorithms


  1. Digital and Analog Circuit Design  
  2.  Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Industrial Analog to Digital Converter 
  3. Biosignal Acquisition System 
  4.  Wearable Biosignal Acquisition System


Three Dimensional Concept Engineering   Simulation &  Analysis

Mechanical Design and Mechanical Prototyping

Our Field of Interest

Human Performance Optimization

Functional & Rehabilitation Device

Innovative Measurement Device

Simulation & Computational Software

Our Current Projects

Telemetry,Simultaneous and Multi Channel DAQ

IMU-based Motion Capture System

Biomechanics Free Assess Data Set  that include Motion data , Force data and EMG data and more.

(Under Construction)

Our experience in biomechanics lab equipment

اندازه گیری

Association of Biomechnics

About us

BSNlab is a company that focuses on the design and Production biomechanics laboratory devices and software. We process data and compute kinematics and kinetics parameters with innovative techniques.


Our mission

  • Human performance optimization
  • Improve assessment methods for clinical diagnosis
  • Athlete performance optimization

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