Measure and Control patient's gait parameters variation

Gait analysis is an efficient medical diagnoses tool to screen the cerebral palsy and stroke patients.

Wireless & Light weight

GaitPro consist of 2 light IMU sensors that transmits data via BLE. It can be used at different application such as gait analysis, balance and jump analysis. Easily, with an android application, the data is collected. Also, it could be used everywhere.

Light Weight Easy to Use Affordable
Cloud-based Biomechanics Toolbox

You can upload your data in cloud-based biomechanics toolbox to store, share process data and make report. lots of process implemented on this platform such as process to measure spatio-temporal parameters, drop jump analysis ect.

Manage & Store data Share data and report Features extraction & Digital filtering
Medical Diagnoses & Sport Performance

Spatio-temporal gait parameters are a very useful diagnostic method for pathological gait which allow for the assessment of gait disorders and the effects of corrective orthopedic surgery. At the other hand, is used to optimize and improve athletic performance

Pathological Gait Features Optimize Athletic Performance

IMU sensor includes 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis magnetometer. A fusion algorithm compute Orientation of IMU sensor and represent it via quaternion number.

3-axis Accelerometer,Gyroscope and Magnetometer Quaternion Up to 500 Hz Batty Life: 2 hour Bluetooth

Android Application

android vertex application
android vertex application