Do Not Imagine, Measure It

Apex is a wireless and wearable motion capture system

That could be useful in Biomechanics, Rehabilitation, Sport, Orthopedic and Physiotherapy

IMU Motion Capture
Portable & Easy to Use

Use it everywhere, Attache Wireless and light IMUs on the subject's limbs and capture their motion everywhere, Outdoor or Indoor.

Wireless & light weight Sensor

Easy Calibration

Prevention Injuries

Prevention injuries is One of the important usage of motion capture system for an athlete during match or exercise and older during daily activity. correcting the athlete or elder people, reduce their the risk of injury.

Correcting the Movement Pattern Of Daily Activities

Optimizing the Athlete techniques

Neuromuscular & Musculoskeletal Disorder

In the last decades, Simulation software became popular among biomechanical scientists such as Opensim. Motion Capture system and simulation software make powerful diagnosis tool for neuromuscular & musculoskeletal disorder.

Gait analysis

Balance and Fall Risk

Improve Athlete Performance

Every year athlete compete together at different competition and the results are so close. So, the Mechanics of movement has vital effects at the match results.

High Performance

Optimizing the Athlete techniques



Apex Desktop Application

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