Capture the Athlete & Patient Physical Activity

Measure the kinematics parameter, Energy consumption, Balance and Fatigue

GPS-Tracker GPS tracker
Portable & Easy to Use

This is an wearable logger device that consist of several Sensors to measure kinematic parameter.

3-axis Accelerometer

3-axis Gyroscope

3-axis Magnetometer

GNSS, ECG , Barometer

Capture Kinematics Of Movement

Vertex can store data in 8Gb internal memory or transmits data vi BLE to Vertex Android Application

Online Mode: Transmits data via BLE and store on the mobile phone

Offline Mode: Store data on internal memory

Protable IMU-GPS tracker
ElectroGoniometer IMU-GPS tracker

Vertex could be useful in biomechanical and biomedical research fields. Also, use it in the Telerehabilitation and athlete performance monitoring.

Balance & Fall Risk

Change of direction, Acceleration - Deceleration

Cloud-Based Biomechanical Toolbox

With Vertex android application you can upload data to BSNlab cloud-based service and use it's options to store, manage and process your data

Feature Extraction

Make Report

Telerehabilitation IMU-GPS tracker

Android Application

android vertex application
android vertex application